Why Are Home Buyers Getting Drawn to Kolkata’s New Residential Hubs?

Why Are Home Buyers Getting Drawn to Kolkata’s New Residential Hubs?

There was a time when the real estate scenario in Kolkata was not as developed as the other metropolitan cities of the nation. Kolkata was a city whose streets were dominated by old structures and houses which gave out the vintage edit of the city. However, with time, things started changing. The Kolkata skyline started getting its share of a makeover. Old buildings started getting replaced by modern residential flats in Kolkata, thereby giving rise to other infrastructural developments. Developers started recognizing the need of the property buyers with changing time, thereby making it a hub of modern residential projects in 2019. 


However, what are those features that are drawing the home buyers to the residential flats in Kolkata? Let us delve into the write-up and examine through the pointers which are responsible for making this city a perfect place to reside. 


Flats in Kolkata- Here’s why Property Buyers  are Checking Them

Residential Project Features

The developers in Kolkata has enhanced their work quality with time. While the old real estate brands are adopting the new trends revolving in the sector, the new age developer’s mind are brimming with fresh ideas to tune in with the modern theme of your living. Hence, the modern housing complexes in Kolkata is becoming a hub of upgraded features, thereby making sure to provide the residents with ultimate comfort. The presence of swimming pool, hi-tech gym, children’s play area, gazebo, landscaped garden, etc. automatically works towards enhancing your living standards. Furthermore, most residential projects in Kolkata come with open space, thereby enabling individuals to indulge in evening stroll, jogging, running or any other activity to maintain a fit body. 


For example, Windmere- a residential complex in North Kolkata comes with 68% open space. Apart from that, it consists of contemporary facilities and amenities like jogging track, community halls, modern gymnasium, adda zone, infinity swimming pool, etc. 


The Apartments

The apartments are the place where the property buyers will spend most of their time. Hence, the developers make sure to provide the perfect apartment to the residents where they can live comfortably and get the best edit of Mother Nature. Not just that, the apartments are beautifully designed. They are infused with modern artwork along with a structural layout that will speak elegance every nook and cranny. For example, the low cost flats in Madhyamgram are worth all the praise. The residential complexes in this region will provide the buyers with their dream abode embracing sophistication and class. The apartments are spacious with modern specifications like 3-4 sides open, floor to ceiling windows, open kitchen, etc. that will automatically upgrade your living standard from day one. 


Budget Friendly Abode

In spite of such modern features, Kolkata will provide with residential apartments that are cost-effective and will not break your bank. For example, the 3BHK flats price in Kolkata or North Kolkata will range from 27 lakhs to 35 lakhs which is a steal. Given the fact that one will get three room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and other modern features, the price point of the apartments are unbeatable. Also, the design of the apartments along with the layout will give out the vibe of a high-end space rather than low-cost apartments in Kolkata


Location & Connectivity

The recent scenario of real estate Kolkata calls for tapping on unusual places. However, that does not mean that these places lack proper connectivity or commercial facilities. For example, Windermere with low cost flats in Madhyamgram is well connected by rail, road and metro. It is also close to the airport, thereby serving as a bonus for the frequent flyers. Plus, the road extending from Jessore connects the project to all the major commercial facilities like schools, hospitals, entertainment zone, etc., thereby providing the residents with a well-rounded lifestyle. 


Apart from these points, the introduction of young real estate brands like Signum Realtors, Alcove Realty, Anik Industries, etc., work towards drawing the flat buyers to the modern residential flats in Kolkata