Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Kolkata Real Estate

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Kolkata Real Estate

Investing in a residential property indicates the will to buy a property in a good, well-developed location and to earn profitable returns from it in the future. It does not necessarily mean buying it as a form of residence – it could also mean that one could plan to rent out the space or lease the same. Whatever be the reason, it is important to primarily consider the location before the final purchase.

So, let’s talk about Kolkata. If you’re asking yourself – ‘Is Kolkata underdeveloped?’ this is ancient history. The city now is thriving in all aspects, and thanks to initiatives undertaken by the government, Kolkata is now an ideal region for those who wish to invest in residential property. Boasting a well-developed transportation network, the city has become a residential hub for home-buyers.  

At the same time, there are several real estate companies in Kolkata that harmoniously fuse both price and quality which caters to large sections of society. One does not have to keep saving till old age to get a modern apartment in the city. This is also seen by the budget announcements earlier this year that are evidently helping others to buy their dream home.

There are a series of developments that have made this possible.

Let’s discuss and see what these are.

What Makes Kolkata a Top Location for Investing in Residential Property?

Development of suburbs give more options

At first, real estate companies in Kolkata were apprehensive of developing projects outside the main city. The tables have turned in recent times. Top brands have extended their influence in regions such as Madhyamgram and Dunlop, creating homes with no compromise on the quality of living in far-off regions. A good transportation network also makes this possible.

Well-structured transportation system

Apart from the stellar quality of homes in the city, Kolkata also comes with a promise of easy living which is seen through its transportation system. One can find the metro facility, various options over road such as auto rickshaws and buses, railway network, etc. Some projects even use the river as a source of commute. Thus, Kolkata easily satisfies all parameters when it comes to transport.

Presence of top real estate developers in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city that is blessed with a long list of real estate companies, and you easily can see the works of Siddha, Alcove Realty, Merlin Group, Signum Group, etc. Their presence has led to various options for homes that also come at cost-effective rates. Modern living does not have to come at an exorbitant price tag, thanks to these real estate groups in Kolkata.

Property prices are on the affordable side of the spectrum

Compared to the other metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi, Kolkata is known for its affordable range of housing that easily reaches various sections of society. Similarly, prices are not as expensive as they were before. Among the list of top real estate companies in Kolkata, a handful of them are setting affordable rates for homes keeping the financial capacity of individuals in mind.

Interest rates on home loans are lower than before

Those searching for homes will be glad to know about the announcements of the Budget 2019-20. This states that those buying homes valued at 45 lakhs will receive an interest deduction up to 3.5 lakhs (which was previously a reduction of 2 lakhs). Thus, the MIG surely has reasons to rejoice when it comes to buying affordable homes.

Kolkata is known as a top city for residential living

China Town and Park Street are some of the places that make Kolkata popular. Even in terms of cuisine and culture, Kolkata is known for its spectacular rendition of festivals and celebrations. At the same time, the street food in Kolkata is beyond comparison. One can have a full meal in Kolkata without spending more than 40 bucks! Keeping this in mind, other cities are not as kind as Kolkata.

Thus, it is due to the efforts of several real estate developers in Kolkata as well as the policies of the government that Kolkata enjoys its present status. Whether you wish to buy a home for your family or earn revenue off your investment, choosing Kolkata is sure to work to your advantage. Those looking to invest will find a top selection of residential property in the city will not be disappointed.  

Thus, for a profitable venture with guaranteed returns, choose Kolkata for your next investment.