Reasons to Check Residential Apartments with Windmere

Reasons to Check Residential Apartments with Windmere

One of the most difficult things to do is to select the best home out of all projects in the city. When one decides to buy a home, there are many factors that one needs to take into consideration before taking a final decision. Most would be overwhelmed by the physical appearance of the project, while some would be drawn by the name of the developer. Of course, most would ultimately look at the price factor. However, there are several things that you’re missing out on.


The important thing is not to judge a home by its ‘cover’. The look is only secondary when it comes to assuring a well-rounded lifestyle. That being said, the foundation of a good residential apartment rests on a series of factors that homebuyers should be well-acquainted with.


Common Features of Luxury Apartments in Kolkata

Behind the doors of a residential project, one should expect complete ease and comfort with regards to its living spaces. Outside, there should be efficient modes of transport that facilitate smooth and convenient commute for residents. For instance, residential apartments in North Kolkata easily satisfy this prerequisite. Similarly, the location should provide the necessary civic amenities and provisions needed for daily life within close proximity.


Among all these, the main thing is to have a clear idea of the dimensions of the residential property. Many mislead and expect bigger spaces without considering the actual space that apartments deliver. With luxury apartments in Kolkata, the essence of space will be assured, but it is always better to have a grasp on the carpet area of apartments.


At the same time, there should be a splendid set of amenities to accompany your residence. This in itself raises the value of your home while providing a platform for recreational and social activities. Developers include these to attract homebuyers, but it is good to know exactly what they offer before going ahead with your decision.


For the fulfillment of these conditions, it is best to check out residential apartments in North Kolkata. Many developers have been taken aback by the development of civic amenities and infrastructure over the years. One of the top developers, Signum Group, has also taken interest in the region, and with its Windmere residential project, one has to chance to live conveniently in the city of Kolkata.

Why are Windmere’s Flats in Madhyamgram attracting Homebuyers?


As mentioned before, any residential property needs to offer a well-rounded lifestyle and should not be based solely on a developer’s credentials. For this purpose alone, Windmere was designed to offer the simple joys of living interspersed with modern-day facilities for residents. With its residential apartments in North Kolkata, one can find the following:

Location advantages

While its luxury apartments are based in North Kolkata, do not even for a second underestimate the region of Madhyamgram. In recent years, it has undergone development and now poses as an attractive region for real estate. Here’s what one can find nearby:

  • Educational institutions:

Julien Day School

Auxillium Convent

B.T. College

Vivekananda College

  • Entertainment zones:

Jaya Multiplex – City Mall Barasat

City Centre II-Rajarhat

ECO Park-Rajarhat

Max Mart, City Life, More Mall

  • Medical Facilities:

Government Hospital of Madhyamgram

Panihati Pouro Matri Sadan Hospital

Nivedita Hospital

Fair health Nursing Home


Transport benefits

Housing is not complete if one cannot travel with ease. People commute for various reasons and it is a fact that traveling is evitable in one’s daily life. As a result, the strategic placement of the Windmere project offers one commute through the following:

  • An easy approach to NSC Bose Airport
  • Upcoming Noapara-Barasat Metro link
  • Madhyamgram Railway Station

Contemporary amenities

This is the added cream of any residential apartments. Used as a tool to upgrade one’s standard of living, it presents a set of activities that facilitate leisure and relaxation to residents. Thus, one can find the following:


  • Two community halls
  • Open air theatre
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor games room for toddlers
  • Play area for children
  • Multi-purpose grass court for sports
  • Sitting area for senior citizens
  • Modern hi-tech gymnasium
  • Walking track
  • Landscaped garden with a natural water body

Well-designed apartments

At the end of the day, we all need the comforts of a home, and with Windmere’s luxury flats in Kolkata, you will observe a splendid mix in space and design. Boasting excellence in interior design, apartments are dedicated to your convenience. Here are the categories:

Category Carpet Area Built-up Area
2 BHK + 2T 580 – 630 sq. ft. 670 – 737 sq. ft.
3 BHK + 2T 726 – 806 sq. ft. 831 – 923 sq. ft.
3 BHK + 3T 828 – 890 sq. ft. 938 – 1001 sq. ft.
4 BHK + 3T 1085 – 1118 sq. ft. 1231 – 1302 sq. ft.

From a price of 25 lakhs onwards, you can have a residence in one of the city’s hotspots in real estate. With 6 towers expanding to 11 storeys in height, Windmere offers numerous advantages to one’s daily existence in the city. There are more than ample reasons to check out these apartments but there’s only one reason that matters – your well-being and happiness.