Property in Madhyamgram: Myth vs Reality

Property in Madhyamgram: Myth vs Reality

Most of us are well aware of the fact that North Kolkata is in its developing state. Hence, if we want to buy property in Kolkata, regions in North Kolkata does not strike our mind. However, we are nearly living with a wrong notion. A recent tour to Madhyamgram has changed our outlook about North Kolkata and of course, we cannot deny that fact that Madhyamgram is one of the most developing regions to buy property in Kolkata. Hence, in this write-up, we will bust the myth catering property for sale in Kolkata or precisely in Madhyamgram to justify the blog title.


Property in Madhyamgram- Myths Busted!

Myth: North Kolkata represents the ancient world charm of the city, thereby failing to provide the new age residents with a modern lifestyle.

Truth: Even though this fact is not entirely false, real estate developers are getting drawn to this region, especially Madhyamgram to come up with property for sale in Kolkata. It is because the developers want to combine the benefits of modern facilities and the spirit of pure nature to provide individuals with a well-balanced lifestyle. Hence, such amendments will provide future with 2/3BHK flats for sale in Kolkata that will churn out the fun of living an updated lifestyle.

Myth: Regions like Madhyamgram in North Kolkata comes with an unhealthy and incomplete surrounding, thereby providing a poor form of lifestyle.

Truth: If asked us, an absolute location should be enclosed by a tranquil environment with the presence of commercial facilities within the close to the project. Madhyamgram in North Kolkata is bestowed with such features, thereby encouraging realtors to come up 3 BHK flats in Kolkata here. The region nestles the flavor of nature along with modern commercial facilities to provide future residents with a sounder form of living.

Myth: Madhyamgram or any region in North Kolkata comes with poor connectivity, thereby making traveling to the main city a hassle.

Truth: The Madhyamgram in North Kolkata is granted with smooth commuting features that will allow an individual to reach the city’s heart hassle-free. The new age residential property for sale in Kolkata or correctly North Kolkaject is giving a whole new meaning to the concept of connectivity, thereby breaking the stereotype catering to commute system in Kolkata.  

Myth: While property for sale in Kolkata comes with uncountable amenities and facilities, projects in Madhyamgram lacks this element.

Truth: Projects in Madhyamgram are nothing less than the ones found in South Kolkata when it comes to amenities and facilities. Precisely, the modern facilities churn out the true essence of dwelling in a contemporary residential complex. The projects in Madhyamgram have all the necessary features like:

  • Rooftop swimming pool.
  • Gazebo.
  • Sitting area for senior citizens.
  • Open-air theatre.
  • A multi-purpose grass court.
  • Modern gymnasium.
  • Coffee shop with open-air seat-out and so on


Myth: While the apartments in Madhyamgram are inexpensive, they are typically low-quality ones with a poor layout or planning.

Truth: Since the residents will spend most of their time inside their apartments, we cannot overlook the apartment price and the architectural layout. Madhyamgram will offer you 3 BHK flats apartments for sale in Kolkata that will fit your budget with extravagant features to match the modern theme of your lifestyle. Hence, if you are looking for low-budget property for sale in Kolkata, Madhyamgram will provide you the same along with bonus features.

Did we succeed in busting the Myths catering to properties in Madhyamgram? While most of us have a conventional form of thinking, it is about time to familiarise with truth catering to flats in North Kolkata.