Exclusive Idea to get Luxurious 3 BHK flats in Jessore Road Kolkata

Exclusive Idea to get Luxurious 3 BHK flats in Jessore Road Kolkata

Jessore road in North Kolkata is one of the most developed regions backed up commercial facilities. This assists people to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. This is why, we have taken it upon ourselves to shed some light on this feature and understand the factors that is compelling the real estate developers to have provisions for luxurious flats in Jessore road.

Although most of North Kolkata is believed to have the continued essence of the city that was formerly referred to as ‘Calcutta’, Jessore is a locality within that region that could potentially be classified as an outlier. During our recent visit at Jessore, we came across a wide range of infrastructural and commercial development. They hope for this to shape up the lifestyle of the future settlers. Keeping this fact in mind, it is no surprise that Jessore Road is the primary factor behind why North Kolkata has a huge influx of luxurious real estate projects.

For all those looking for housing opportunities, we have found low-cost flats in Madhyamgram under the Windmere project by the Signum Group. For everyone wondering why we felt the need to highlight this project, continue reading the upcoming section of the blog.


Blend Fine Living & Nature with Low-Cost Flats in Madhyamgram


Although the Windmere residential project is not located in Jessore road, it is in close proximity to it. With the provision of low-cost flats in Madhyamgram, the project strives to strike a balance between nature and luxury among its residents. This feature is the highlight for it not quite found in other residential projects.

The roads extending from the Jessore region connects the project to commercial facilities like schools, hospitals, entertainment zone, theme parks, etc. Today, all of these are required to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, the connectivity from the project is excellent. It ensures that one reaches the other prime locations with ease. To be more precise, the Windmere project will bring the potential residents in close proximity to the Sodepur railway station and the upcoming Noapara Barasat metro link. What’s more! These low-cost flats in Madhyamgram are close to the airport and this sure is a bonus for the frequent flyers.


What about the apartment features of the project?


Are you looking for a luxurious 2BHK or 3BHK flat in Jessore Road? Then you ought to have checked out the Windmere project by now. The apartments are worth your attention because they come with a gripping design and structural layout. These rooms are ideal for people that need sufficient space to breath freely as they are spacious and well ventilated. Moreover, the project presents cost-effective apartments of varying sizes: 2, 3 and 4 BHK. Their prices range between 24 lakhs and 45 lakhs. This works out best for the middle-class or upper-middle-class strata of the society who have limited funds to invest in necessities like housing. Hence, if you are looking for an elegant 3BHK flat in Jessore road, we have got the perfect solution for your!

Now, given the price of the apartments, you must be wondering whether the amount payable will remain the same including the apartment facilities?

Signum Group has taken the necessary step to provide a set of remarkable facilities to its potential buyers without trapping them in monetary jargons. The project comes with an exquisite clubhouse that is built adjacent to a stunning lake that is adorned with sheltered walkways, scenic spots, and flower beds. Plus, the aerial view of the lake from the clubhouse has the capability to refresh one’s mind and lighten a hectic day. Apart from the list mentioned above, the low-cost flats in Madhyamgram also consist of a rooftop swimming pool, walking track, gazebo, multi-purpose grass court, senior citizen sitting area, etc.

Conclusively, the Windmere residential complex will provide you with features that people have been in search for in flats in Jessore Road. Although not set in the heart of Jessore Road, its close proximity intends to provide people with a well-rounded lifestyle that most have been dreaming of, until now!