Here’s Why Flats in North Kolkata are at the Centre of the Real Estate Boom?

Here’s Why Flats in North Kolkata are at the Centre of the Real Estate Boom?

Most would agree that the perfect home should be placed in a prime location. This is normally perceived as somewhere in the central area, which is known to offer smooth connectivity to other regions with a good set of basic amenities nearby. Whether esteemed schools or shopping malls, central locations are the most desired in the city. This is the common idea of what a prime location holds.

Recent times say otherwise. You do not have to necessarily reside in residential projects in the central regions of Kolkata to stay connected. Developers have understood this notion, which is further backed by improvement in infrastructure and increased developmental activities. Schools and hospitals are being set up far and wide, metro lines are expanding into far-off regions. Thanks to the policies of the government, development is in full swing!

If you’re wondering why this region is at the centre of the real estate boom, read through these pointers and you’ll understand why.

What Makes Apartments in North Kolkata a Good Bet for Real Estate?


Check out the factors that have made the northern zone of Kolkata a preferable choice of residential property in the city. 

  • Combines the old-world charm of Kolkata to modern developments

If you’re familiar with the northern zone of the city, you’ll be aware of the century-old buildings and narrow lanes it houses. Old buildings in ruins, open areas in surplus – it is a region that still retains traces of old-Kolkata attached. However, it now acts as a major commercial and residential centre.

  • Also known for its attractions and areas of interest by the population

What is also significant is the areas that fall under North Kolkata. For instance, College Street is known to draw book lovers and students from several areas, China Town for those that crave authentic Chinese cuisine, and so many more. This region in Kolkata is perfect for residential projects.

  • Provides a top pick of schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping districts, etc.

Calcutta University and Presidency College are held in high regards. At the same time, you can find shopping destinations such as Burrabazar and Hatibagan as well as Orchid Point. R.G.Kar Medical College is also in the area, among an ample number of medical centres in North Kolkata.

  • Connected by a variety of mediums for daily transportation

The flats in this region of Kolkata are positioned near the NSC Bose airport, and enjoy good connectivity over rail, road, and metro connectivity. In fact, there are projects that also use the river as a medium of travel. There is absolutely no hurdle when it comes to commute in this region.

  • Top real estate companies in Kolkata are involved in these areas

Reputed builders in Kolkata have decided to create residential projects in this area after seeing the potential of this region. Big names such as Merlin, Signum, Siddha, etc. have been involved in this region. This factor assures the quality aspect of homes in North Kolkata.

As you can see, these features put North Kolkata exactly at the centre of Kolkata’s real estate boom. With the added advantage of having flats near the Kolkata airport, each and every homebuyer’s requirements can be met inside this vast area. However, for the best solution yet, it’s time to get acquainted with Windmere.

Windmere Offers Homes Created by the Esteemed Signum Group

Signum Group is one of the top companies in Kolkata’s real estate scenario and is known for its popular projects such as Aristo, Parkwoods, and Cloud 9. Windmere is one that definitely stands out. Based in North Kolkata’s Madhyamgram, these apartments range across the 2,3 and 4 BHK categories.

It is spread across a land area of roughly 4 acres with a total of 6 residential towers. Along with its residents, there are top-notch amenities such as a games room for children, infinity swimming pool, and a gymnasium among others. With these and more, this residential project strives to create an unparalleled living experience in Kolkata.

In conclusion, residing in a region at a distance from the prime areas actually works to the advantage of the residents. There’s a reason why there’s a phrase called ‘the hustle and bustle of city life’, which hints at the unrest and typical cacophony associated with the central regions. The focus has now shifted to the unorthodox regions that were once untouched by real estate builders.

North Kolkata and its surrounding areas are clear examples.