Important Facts to Consider Before Buying Flats in Madhyamgram Chowmatha

Important Facts to Consider Before Buying Flats in Madhyamgram Chowmatha

Finding a space that is backed by all the facilities we need and can refer to as ‘Home’ can be a tremendous task. In the situation when people are in search for flats in Madhyamgram Chowmatha, they often take decisions keeping in mind a glossy brochure. However, decisions about living situations are important and should be taken keeping in mind important factors like price, facilities, location, etc.

Given this, if you are planning to buy flats in Madhyamgram Chowmatha (a developing region in North Kolkata), make sure to ensure that the new housing complex perfectly complements your modern lifestyle. Hence, if you are already on the lookout for a residential complex in North Kolkata in regions like Madhyamgram, refer to this blog.

How to Choose Apartments in Madhyamgram?

Madhyamgram is a rapidly emerging region in North Kolkata. This area is best suited for people looking to spend their days amidst a commercially developed tranquil environment and uses modern amenities. Hence, if you are one of those who is eyeing flats in Madhyamgram developed by different realtors, be sure to keep in mind that your dream apartment has provisions for the following.

Be mindful of the Location

Madhyamgram is an extended region of North Kolkata where numerous residential projects are coming up. When buying flats in Madhyamgram it is important for it to be in a location with good connectivity. When complexes are connected by rail, road, and metro traveling to other parts of the city are simplified. The Windflower residential project with flats in Madhyamgram Chowmatha deserves a special mention here. Under the guidance of Signum Realtors, the Windflower has taken the concept of connectivity to a whole new level. The Sodepur railway is 6.5 Km away from the project. The upcoming Noapara Barasat metro link is 1.5 Km away. Other major facilities like schools, universities, theme park, entertainment zone, hospitals, etc. are also in close proximity owing to its placement adjacent to roads extending from Jessore region. Besides that, these flats in Madhyamgram, Chowmatha are also suitable for the frequent flyers as the project is close to the airport as well.

Set your Budget

Be sure to fix your budget before you start looking flats in Madhyamgram to ensure that the budget is not extended. A budget range often helps to narrow down from the options available. The price of the apartments mainly depends on the location and the facilities that accompany it in the residential project. The Windmere comes with 2 and 3 BHK flats in Madhyamgram along with 4 BHK apartments within a price range of 24 lakhs to 45 lakhs. It These 2BHK or 3BHK flat price in Kolkata are compelling when we compare these prices to flats by other projects.

Mark the Amenities

Amenities are the extra frill of a residential project that has to be taken into account for people are looking to maintain their modern lifestyle. A luxurious residential project is incomplete without some unique facilities. It is important to ensure that residential complexes have provisions for amenities like elevator, parking space, swimming pool, jogging tracks, children’s play area, cafeteria, and banquet among others. Apart from its noteworthy location, the Windmere residential project has striking features that set it apart from other projects. What makes is better is that these are available at cost-effective prices. At Windmere, it is possible to experience the marvelous view of the lake from the clubhouse of the residential project. To name a few, the project consists of a rooftop swimming pool, a walking track, a multi-purpose grass court, landscaped gardens, an open-air theatre, a departmental store and a coffee shop with open-air seat-out.

Consider the Apartment Size

As per your requirement, make sure to choose an apartment of the right size. The Windmere project with flats in Madhyamgram Chowmatha offers exquisitely designed apartments of 2, 3 and 4BHK. Hence, if you are looking for an apartment to accommodate a medium sized family, a 2 or 3BHK flat in Madhyamgram should be ideal. To support a larger joint family, a 4BHK apartments should serve the purpose. The apartment size varies from 850 sq. ft. to 1680 sq. ft. area.


Keeping the situation of the current markets in mind, we find the financial institutions be precautious about their decisions of money inflow and outflow. Therefore, to ensure that people invest their money in right projects, we feel the need to warn those people seeking flats to look for projects that are backed by reliable financial institutions. For instance, The Windmere real estate project presents flats in Madhyamgram, Chowmatha that are approved by the superior banks, namely SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis Bank & DHFL Bank. They believe that they can deliver the flats in Madhyamgram Chowmatha within 60 months from the date of the commencement of the Windmere Project.

In our opinion, these are the primary factors that must be taken into consideration before buying a new apartment in Madhyamgram, Chowmatha. For people looking to buy a 2BHK or 3BHK flat in Madhyamgram, they must consider checking out the Windmere residential project. It meets the criteria mentioned above and also provides people with a modern lifestyle adjacent to nature.