Location Features to Consider before Buying Luxurious Flats in North Kolkata

Location Features to Consider before Buying Luxurious Flats in North Kolkata

Before you think of buying a luxurious flats in North Kolkata, it’s the norm to check the surrounding location of the residential project.

We would not have advised you to do the same had it been in South Kolkata. This is because the southern zone of the city is well equipped with facilities and amenities that will provide individuals with sustainable living options. However, the scenario is not all that simple with North Kolkata. Being the face of old Kolkata, most of us are aware of the fact that North Kolkata lacks infrastructural development to a large degree.

However, the modern real estate companies are tapping in on North Kolkata to come up with luxurious real estate projects at a cost-effective rate. This step by the real estate developers is enticing enough to drive the potential buyers to buy flats in North Kolkata.

However, should you really consider checking the nearby surroundings of the new apartment?

If your answer is a big ‘NO’, then it is time to convert it to a ‘YES’.

And what attributes you must consider in a location of a residential project?

Connectivity: What is the point of shifting to a new flat if the location of which is lacking good connectivity by different modes of transportation? Yes, it is an absolutely unavoidable factor as poor connectivity will make it a huge challenge for you to travel to the crucial centers of the city with ease. Since North Kolkata or the outskirt regions of the city lack enough transport options, make sure to choose flats in North Kolkata with a plethora of commute options.

For example, the Windmere residential project with flats in Madhyamgram is growing with a spectrum of transportation options.

  • It is connected by the Sodepur railway station that will connect the future residents to the rest of the city
  • The residential project is connected by the upcoming Noapara Barasat metro link, thereby making daily traveling to the business centers of the city an easy task.
  • As a bonus, the project is close to the Kolkata airport which is beneficial for the frequent flyers.

Hence, if you are looking to buy a 3BHK flat in Sodepur, we guess we have presented you with a permanent solution!

Commercial Facilities: The presence of commercial facilities is equally important. For experiencing sustainable living make sure that your new apartment location is well surrounded by facilities like schools, departmental stores, hospitals, entertainment zone, etc. The Windmere residential project does justice in this aspect. Owing to the roads extending from Jessore region, you’ll get to welcome a well-rounded lifestyle with the infusion of necessary commercial facilities. Thus, if you are looking for flats in Jessore Road but unable to find one, check out the Windmere project by the Signum Group.

Peaceful Surrounding: Do you know what it takes to make a project location a perfect one? A proper synergy of commercial facilities, unmatched connectivity, and a peaceful surrounding. The Windmere residential project with flats in Madhyamgram precisely taps on these features. The project is nestled in the surrounding peacefully thereby bringing nature close to your daily lifestyle.

Hence, the definition of a good location is characterized by the presence of such attributes and the Windmere residential project has tapped on this feature effectively.

Apart from that, these flats in Madhyamgram embrace exquisite apartment features and residential amenities that will provide the future residents a lifestyle congruent with that of a fairytale. To learn more about the project, consider browsing through the official website of Windmere.