Advantages of Buying Home in Madhyamgram with Windmere

Advantages of Buying Home in Madhyamgram with Windmere

It is a hidden gem set in the lap of greater Kolkata that will provide you with a lifestyle which was a mere dream until now.

Are you wondering what are we talking about?

It is the Windmere residential project by the Signum Group who have tapped on the best features of Madhyamgram, thereby providing you with innumerable benefits if you choose to stay here. Hence, buy home in Madhyamgram under the Windmere residential project and get to taste the flavor of a lavish lifestyle within your means.

Perks of Residing at Windmere

Windmere residential project has cleverly hit on the daily requirements of future residents, thereby breaking the stereotype that North Kolkata or greater Kolkata lacks necessary features. If you buy home in Madhyamgram under the Windmere residential project, treat yourself with these perks for a lifestyle worth the investment.



Apartment price? It’s Unbelievable!

What is your expectation about the flat price in Kolkata? Given the fact that the project is a luxurious one, it is a given on your part to expect the apartment prices to be extravagant. But, there is a twist! Be surprised with the flat price in Kolkata of these apartments as they come with specifications that can be juxtaposed to your contemporary lifestyle. Windmere comes with magnificently designed apartments with unmatched ventilation and innovative structural layout. As a buyer, you’ll get to choose from 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments ranging from 24 lakhs to 45 lakhs. Hence, if you are looking to buy an opulent 2BHK flat in Madhyamgram, there is nothing better than the Windmere project.


The Features? Well, they are Striking!

If you are intending to buy home in Madhyamgram, make sure that it is infused with the best in class facilities to upgrade your current lifestyle. Otherwise, what’s the point of investing in a luxurious project? The Signum Group has paid attention to the demands of the buyers and is designing the project so as to provide them amenities worth their attention. The Windmere residential project comes with an elegant clubhouse along a graceful lake with a finishing touch of sheltered walkways, scenic spots, and flower beds. Plus, the aerial view of the lake from the clubhouse will appeal to your senses and make you forget about your long, hectic day. The project also consists of a rooftop swimming pool, a multi-purpose grass court, an open-air theatre,  a senior citizen’s sitting area and more. Hence, if you are looking to buy home in Madhyamgram, what can be the better option other than the Windmere residential project, right?


And the Location? It’s Outstanding!

As a prospective buyer, what should you expect from a particular location? Basically, the location should be able to provide you with a tranquil environment, a plethora of commute options and commercial facilities that will add ease to your style of living. The Windmere residential project will provide you with components such as these like a master. The project is well connected by rail, road, and metro which will take an individual to the heart of the city in no time.  

Furthermore, with flats close to the airport, you’ll be rid of traveling all the way to the airport, which is an advantage for the frequent flyers.


But that’s not where the location facilities end!

Surround yourself with daily facilities like schools, hospitals, entertainment zones, etc. with the roads extending from Jessore. These facilities lie in close vicinity of the project and will provide you with a well-rounded lifestyle.

The Windmere residential project in North Kolkata strikes an impeccable balance between nature and luxury. It is infused with the necessary amenities and luxurious features that are not found in the other residential projects of Madhyamgram. Hence, if you are looking to buy a luxurious 2BHK flat in Madhyamgram, we have hit the perfect solution for you in this write-up.