7 Rising Trends of Luxury Residential Project in Kolkata

7 Rising Trends of Luxury Residential Project in Kolkata

Kolkata is witnessing rapid infrastructural growth which has led to major developments in the real estate industry of the city. At the same time, the prices of Luxury Residential Project in Kolkata are lesser as compared to that in other metropolitan cities. Whether you are planning to buy a new flat to start a new family, you can’t go wrong with choosing Kolkata.


According to statistics, the real estate sector in Kolkata has shown a growth of 11% on a yearly basis. There has also been the growth of numerous townships all over the city. If you consider investing in the best housing projects in Kolkata which are being constructed in a developing suburb, you can look into the project such as Windmere which is located in North Kolkata. The area has ample scope of improvement in the near future.

There have been many trends that have emerged in the real estate market.

Luxury home buyers are looking for a mixture of certain elements that satisfy their need for refined living. Thus, these trends are characteristic of the change in the mindset of homebuyers as well as the shift of focus in certain areas.

Contemporary luxury homes encompass many features.

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Patterns that have emerged regarding Luxury Apartments


  • Top – Quality Specifications

Classification in the specification can be used to support handover and running of the asset.

Before investing Luxury Residential Project in Kolkata, one ensures that the project is built with high-quality construction materials and that it incorporates standards such as water supply through filtration plant, anti-skid tiles on the floor and glazed tiles on walls upto door height, fire-resistant aluminium sliding windows, imported or high-quality domestic modular kitchens, vitrified tiling and floors, etc.


  • Green Living

A comparatively recent trend in luxury flats in Kolkata is residing in a green building. Today’s buyers look at whether or not a new property follows the ideals of green living – which strive to create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for living spaces.

The green concept and techniques in the residential sector can help address national issues such as water and energy efficiency, reduction in fossil fuel use in commuting, handling of consumer waste as well as conserving natural resources. The end result is a higher quality of life for all. Thus, several residential projects follow energy-saving practices and use natural resources as far as possible.

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  • Privacy & updated security

Privacy and safety have become one of the key criteria that homebuyers are looking for. The absence of worry and concern is the ultimate amenity. The primary purpose of living in a luxury apartment is to surround yourself with the utmost comfort and convenience, which includes the need to feel safe inside.

Any Kolkata top real estate company will strive to offer the best of security and surveillance features. The residents living in the apartments would want to have the assurance that their family and their property are safe.


  • Privileges

Maximum comfort can be gained by the residents only if top-notch facilities and amenities can be provided by luxury apartments. Several projects have come up with exclusive facilities, something that no other property can offer.

Some of the flats in Kolkata have come up with features and specifications such as – earthquake resistance, RCC frame structure, skywalks, private ferry services, treated fresh air systems, etc. These are what make projects differ from each other, and developers are always trying to go the extra mile. Residents of luxury apartments want their services and technology integrated seamlessly into the interior landscape of their homes.


  • A Selected Few

This number of people living in the piece of land should not exceed a certain limit. Ideally, one acre of the project should not house more than 60 families. Anything more than 60 families do not fit the tag of a ‘luxury’ project. This is to maintain the exclusivity quotient of the residence. Congested spaces and common features do not give off a hint of luxury. Thus, as a trend, luxury residential projects in Kolkata are not seeking to accommodate a large section of people.


  • Scenic view

The view from the apartments is considered as an important aspect. It is the view that makes the property more valuable. People search for apartments that offer a scenic view, rather than the unpleasant such as the busy traffic, slum area, hospitals, etc.

No matter how luxurious specifications or amenities the project offers, if the view isn’t suitable to the lifestyle you picture, your investment was put to waste. A good view can result in peaceful living, and luxury apartments with mesmerizing views have grabbed the attention of many.


  • Non – Traditional locations

Earlier traditional prominent addresses were more on demand but that is no longer the baseline concept of luxury homes. Real estate developers are willing to expand the borders of traditional luxury locales and are readily developing projects in emerging luxury areas.

The residents are ready to live in non – traditional locations as long as the amenities and lifestyle offerings are right and they get to stay in close proximity to important places like airports, business districts, railway stations, health – care centres, educational institutions, etc.


This specifically can be seen by one of the top developers in Kolkata’s real estate.

Signum Group, known for creating some of the most iconic homes in the city, has chosen the region of Madhyamgram apart from its other luxury residential projects in Kolkata.

Windmere, situated in North Kolkata, is designed with great care and precision and is also equipped with all modern facilities that will make your living memorable and hassle-free. It is a well-planned project and is highly recommended for a decent to luxurious living for every property buyer. Choosing Windmere also entitles one to a convenient transportation network.


Its 2 & 3 BHK flats in Kolkata, are designed to offer ample space for all from the youngest to the oldest member of your family. Windmere also provides state-of-the-art benefits within your comfort zone. Starting from the roof-top swimming pool they also have a walking track, a multi-purpose grass court, landscaped gardens, open-air theatre, indoor games room, etc. These apartment facilities will cater to every resident living in Windmere.


Its apartments come with a majestic aerial view of a lake and a landscape garden for residents. They also have a convenience store within the project frontier. This adds benefits to the busy residents as well as the respective senior citizens who are seeking quick facilities and comfort.

So, if you are looking for flats in Kolkata, visit this project today!